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Catalog Envelope and Booklet Envelope: Forms, Sizes and Uses


EJ101927_LRGCatalog Envelope and Booklet Envelope: Forms, Sizes and Uses

Envelopes are office supplies that play an essential part in the business world. It is purposely for mailing, shipping, and parceling documents but it has been widely recognized as an effective promotional tool as well. The catalog envelope and booklet envelope are two varieties of business packets most business owners would recommend because of the superior quality of its flaps, durability, and ease of use. But how do these two envelopes differ from one another? A good way to point the differences is by comparing through their forms, sizes, and uses.

Catalog and Booklet Envelope Forms

Both come in different forms and flap designs. Catalog envelopes, otherwise called “Open End” envelopes, come with a center seam with its flaps open on the short side. Booklet envelopes (“Open Side” envelopes), on the other hand are made with a side seam with its flaps open on the long side.

Catalog and Booklet Envelope Sizes

These two office supplies do not vary much in size. Although, catalog envelope has greater size accommodation ranging from 6 x 9 to 11.25 x 14.5 inches while the booklet envelope has limited size types stretching from 5.875 x 4.5 to 13 x 10 inches. Here is the complete list of size types expressed using height (H) and width (W) in inches:


Catalog and Booklet Envelope Uses

These two envelopes are commonly used in sending multiple documents. A booklet envelope is ideal for annual reports, sales documents, marketing brochures, ad insertions, proposals, and other printed materials.  Catalog envelope, as its name suggests, is perfect for catalogs and large booklets because of its sturdiness. Due to this feature, this type of office supply cannot be shredded easily in a grinding equipment or run through a printer. Durable catalog envelopes manufacturers such as Kraft offer heavily gummed flaps for added security with all seals reinforced.

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