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    Cleaning Tips

    Sanitation Control: Choosing The Right Paper Towel Dispenser

    The restroom is an important facility in any establishment. Both public and private establishments typically provide separate comfort rooms for male and female users. However, making these facilities available is just not enough. Sanitation maintenance must also be efficient to avoid contamination. Use of paper towel dispensers as restroom equipment has been around for years. These devices help keep users clean and safe as they exit rest rooms.

    Types of paper towels

    C-fold – This standard type is called C-fold because of the way it is folded – in the shape of a “C”.

    Multifold – This toiletry is distinguished also by its folding. It is folded in a “Z” pattern.

    Both of these paper towels look similar and become distinguishable only when completely unfolded. Both come in different sizes, texture, and thickness. Additionally, these come in white and brown color. However, both of these use the same type of dispenser.

    Types of paper towel dispensers

    There are many types of dispensers that offer much convenience to users especially when traffic and space are put into consideration.

    Under-the-cabinet dispenser – Places like hotels, churches and some establishments have sufficient restroom space to allow counter tops and multiple numbers of sinks. Therefore, towel dispensers are just deposited on counter tops. But for places with limited space, an under-the-cabinet dispenser is commonly used. This is mounted under the cabinet using screws.

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    Wall-mounted dispenser – Most likely, this is the most commonly used restroom equipment. Mounted by using screws, this dispenser saves more space and gives more convenience to users when pulling out towels.

    Automatic dispenser – It is outfitted with motion sensors that allow the dispensing of paper towels per sheet in a set length. This type of dispenser is commonly used in high traffic restrooms.

    Sanitation control:

    Restroom equipment is required for sanitation control purposes, particularly in various industries. Toilet and hand washing facilities and hand sanitizing are strictly implemented. Although hand dryers are much preferred in many establishments, the use of paper towels is also indispensable. This is because they offer more uses in terms of personal hygiene.

    Advantages of paper towels:

    • These dry hands rather quickly compared to dryers.
    • Recyclable.
    • Alternative for rags, tissue, and cloth towel.
    • Effective in the removal and prevention of bacteria spreading.
    • Can be used at home and in the office for many types of cleaning.

    Sanitation and restroom maintenance is a constant battle, whether at home or in the office. However, with the use of the right equipment like paper towels dispensers, people are encouraged to promote cleanliness and good hygiene.

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