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Dental Effects of Sour Patch Candy

Dental Effects of Sour Patch Candy

Sweet treats give a different kind of satisfaction and satiation to both kids and adults. The health benefits of eating various types of candies like sour patch candy are undeniable. However, not all candies are made equal. Without moderation or control, your teeth could be affected in the worst way possible.sour patch

Other than syrups and sugar, the candies especially the chewy and sour ones contains high acid level. This means that they can create crate on your teeth. This means that the enamel protection for your teeth weakens. In fact, some candies have more acids that these actually burn the cheeks and gums. The sour patch candy being sour and chewy at the same time has greater effects.

Acids from other candies could last for about 20 minutes. Moreover, the chewing and sucking on these candies could cause acid attacks especially when prolonged. Teeth erosion can be caused by many foods we eat. In some companies, candies are even part of their office supplies and are present in their pantry or break room dispensers. This is actually good as long as one takes them in modest volume and knows how to prevent tooth decay.

How to take care of your teeth:

  • Rinse right away after eating.
  • Do not brush immediately. Wait for half an hour.
  • Sip acidic beverages like sodas in straw to avoid the amount of acid in the mouth.
  • Include milk or high-calcium food in your diet.
  • See your dentist regularly.

Eating candies have its pros and cons. A person only has to be responsible in how much they should consume, especially parents with their kids. Adding a pack of sour patch candies in the break room dispenser is great to relieve work-related stress and satiate hunger.

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