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Office Supply Obsession: Is there such a thing?

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Obsession applies to a lot and covers a lot of subjects including office supplies. Obsession with office supplies might be way down the top from a list of what people usually get obsessed about. But somehow this obsession is real and it affects still a lot of people.Basically what is obsession? It is defined as a compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unusual feeling or emotion. This is accompanied by symptoms of anxiety or a compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion, according to the definition from the Medical Dictionary/Thesaurus. Compulsion covers a lot of subjects. It could apply to emotions or feelings and love. It can also be about material things such as electronic gadgets, jewelry, cars and yes – office supplies.

What are the signs you are obsessed with an office supply? One sure sign is getting an extra high whenever you are inside office supply stores. And this feeling does not manifest when you are doing your grocery shopping. This Happy Mom by Susan Baker outlines the 4 warning signs you may already have an office supply obsession:

1. Your cabinet has turned into a mini shop. Running out of storage spaces to store your office supplies is a clear sign of office supply obsession. Nobody buys more than what is necessary. Even more outrageous is when you can already shop in your office supplies stock room.

2. You have personal sets of cool pens. This is when you no longer want other members of the family to even touch your file of personal pens. Thus, you made available a separate file of pens that others can use. This is a clear sign of cool pen obsession

3.You have turned an expert in writing pens. When you can already talk lengthily about the merits of each pens and what is best for a particular application.

4. You have developed a strategy in organizing pens in your purse. When your purse is totally neat and the way you organize your cool pens is overkill.
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There are factors that trigger this compulsive behavior, one could be of physical association. In the case of pens, the shape and color could be the culprit or the feel and smell of leather in leather binders. Triggers vary from individual to individual.

Remember, office supply obsession is common to a lot of people. However one knows when ‘enough is enough’ and put a limit to it. Uncontrolled obsession can lead to a disorder that will need professional help.

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