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Tips on How to Design a Homework Station

Schreibtisch im Home Office - Arbeitszimmer

Setting up a homework station is not an easy task. The reason is quite obvious. Modern residences feature compact designs and dead spaces are totally eliminated. There are 3 requisites to the efficient installation of a homework station in relation to the contemporary features of residences.

homeworkstation2 homeworkstation

1.Circulation Problems – The homework station must not complicate circulation of the home. It must be located in areas that will not affect the movement of residents. The likely area to set it up would be in locations that are least used by the occupants such as under the stairs, right beside the foyer if the house has one, or old cabinets can be redone to form part of the furniture of the homework station. With 3 basic factors affecting design considerations, a homeowner is left with no choice but to have a homework station that can be foldedup, stashed-in, and totally hidden when not in use.

2. Special Consideration – It must not largely reduce the areas. If the homework station juts out of a preferred wall, it definitely reduces the effectiveness of an area. It must be adequate in size. If the homework station extends beyond a preferred wall or space, it loses its value because it will disrupt the effectiveness of the area. The furniture must be devised in a way that only a small part would encroach into existing spaces. The example as viewed above (hiding furniture will be ideal for this purpose).

3. The Interior Décor – It must be made in accordance with the existing interior décor.Modern residences have been designed based on a limited construction budget. So it is expected that one part of the house is part and parcel of the entire design décor. If you redo one area, the possibility that it will become an eyesore is high. Nobody can really redesign an addition that will not be glaringly obvious to the eyes. It involves common sense to design the homework station furniture to hide if not match existing fixtures.


Take note that homework stations are always outfitted with a table and matching chair, filing cabinet, magnetic white board, and sizeable storage drawers. Leaving these things jutting out of the wall will surely affect the 3 primary considerations. Ingenuity comes into focus because the way you treat the presence of these fixtures in accordance with the existing spaces is critical to the success of the endeavor.  

Of course when you do not have the heart for undertaking all the works to add a new homework station, you can always seek professional help.

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